Chapter Matching Grants

Matching grants are available to local Chapters. There are two types of such grants, one to be used for prizes for mathematical scholarship and the other for hosting meetings that include other Chapters in your area. Each Chapter has the right to apply for one or both of the grants at most once each academic year.

The Prize Grants up to $100 will match Chapter funds for prizes and awards up to $200.  Their purpose is to promote scholarly work in mathematics among the students at your institution. Examples include freshman calculus contests, mathematics essay writing contests, or anything else for which a prize can be given for mathematical achievement. The prizes can be cash prizes, books, or other awards purchased with the money.

The Meeting Grants up to $300 will match Chapter funds to offset the costs up to $600 of hosting a scholarly activity, such as a meeting, involving members of your Chapter and those of other Pi Mu Epsilon Chapters in your area.  Examples of acceptable scholarly activities are a mathematics conferences or mathematics competitions for the students in the Chapters involved. The funds can offset the costs of such things as refreshments and printing programs. Regional undergraduate mathematics conferences that are sponsored by a chapter of PME and whose programs are, in the majority, focused on student presentations may also apply for this $300 grant. These grants cannot be combined with grants from the Pi Mu Epsilon Lectureship program.

To apply for a matching grant, submit a proposal here describing your plans. If the grant is approved, then, after the activity, include the results in your Chapter's Annual Report with an assessment the effectiveness of the promoting scholarship in mathematics. In addition, for the Prize grants, describe the activity and name the winner(s) and prizes; and for the Meetings Grants, include the program with your report and give the attendance numbers by Chapters. Your Chapter Report must be completed at by June 30 for the academic year in which you received the grant if you wish to receive a similar grant in a subsequent year.