Pi Mu Epsilon National Meeting at MAA MathFest


Albuquerque, New Mexico
Wednesday afternoon August 3 through Friday evening August 5, 2005


Each PME student speaker must complete a copy of this form.
Chapters without speakers may send one or more delegates instead, who must also complete this form.
Application deadline: Tuesday, June 28, 2005.

Although electronic submission is preferred, you may also download and print an equivalent form and mail it so it arrives before Tuesday, June 28. Send it to:

Professor F. Doug Faires
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Youngstown State University
1 University PLaza
Youngstown, OH 44555

All students must complete the following:

Type of Application
U.S. Citizen? (Federal regulations permit us to offer NSA funding only to U.S. citizens.)
Student Name
Student Email Address
Student Permanent Address
State, Zipcode
Student Summer Address (if different)
State, Zipcode
College or University attended during 2004-2005 academic year
Degree and major plans
Intended graduation date
PME Chapter
Month and year of initiation into PME

Important Note: All student speakers and delegates must be members of the chapter at their home institution, which is the one that must nominate them as the Delegate or Speaker. Student speakers and delegates cannot have completed more than 30 semester hours (or the equivalent) in a graduate program in mathematics (or a related field) prior to this summer's conference. Speakers and delegates requesting transportation reimbursement must have been initiated into the chapter at their home institution prior to prior to submission of this application form.

PME Chapter Advisor Name
PME Chapter Advisor E-mail
PME Chapter Advisor Telephone Number

Note: The Chapter Advisor will be contacted to verify enrollment and PME membership information.

I have read the "Fine Print" regarding eligibility, benefits and responsibilities for speakers and delegates.

I am applying for transportation support from Pi Mu Epsilon.

Students applying for transportation support must complete the follow section. (Speakers not applying for transportation support should skip to the student speakers section.)

I will make every effort to obtain low-cost transportation.

I will register for MathFest either through the MAA website or using printed materials from the April issue of the MAA FOCUS.

I will attend all Pi Mu Epsilon activities at the 2005 Summer Meeting in Albuquerque. In particular:

I will attend the student reception late Wednesday afternoon and present my receipts and/or mileage for transportation to the PME Treasurer Leo Schneider.

I will attend the four-hour sessions of PME talks both Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon.

I will purchase a ticket for the PME banquet Friday, and I will attend it.

I will attend the Frame Lecture after the PME banquet Friday Evening and pick up my reimbursement check from the PME Treasurer after that lecture.

If you checked "No" for any statement, you must seek an exemption from Joan Weiss, President of the Pi Mu Epsilon Council, in order to receive funding.

Student speakers must complete the remainder of this form.

Due to the large number of students who wish to present at summer meetings and with a desire to avoid redundancy in their programs, the MAA Committee on Undergraduate Student Activity and Pi Mu Epsilon have agreed not to accept papers submitted by the same student to both paper sessions at MathFest. This applies even if the papers are different. Furthermore, in the case of joint authorship, it is not permissible for one co-author to apply to one session while another submits the same paper to the other session. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to apply for transportation funds from both organizations. Therefore:

I agree not to apply to give a paper at the MAA Student Paper Session.

The rooms in which the presentation will be given in Albuquerque will be furnished with a standard overhead projector and screen. Other media services cannot be provided, however for the Albuquerque meeting, speakers will be allowed to bring their own projection system (to use PowerPoint, for example).

I understand the equipment policy.

Title of Presentation
Abstract (50 words or less)
Presentation Faculty Advisor Name*
Presentation Faculty Advisor E-mail
Presentation Faculty Advisor Telephone Number

Note: Presentation time limit of 15 minutes will be strictly enforced.

*Note: The Presentation Faculty Advisor should be the faculty member who served as your faculty advisor or instructor for the project on which your presentation is based. The Presentation Faculty Advisor will be contacted to verify suitability of the project for presentation at the Pi Mu Epsilon National Meeting.


If, after hitting the Submit key, you do not see a verification, please notify Doug Faires.

If the PME Advisor does not receive confirmation of receipt of this form within 5 days please email Doug Faires. Questions or comments on the conference itself may also be sent to him.