PME Student Presentations


Determinacy and Three-player Infinite Games of Perfect Information
Cristina Huerta Alvarez
University of Nevada, Las Vegas NV

Equivalence Classes of Matrices and the Rational Canonical Form
Jayson Burak
Coastal Carolina University SC

Forbidden Pebbling Numbers of Graphs
Christopher Cabanski
University of Dayton OH

When are Caley Tables Sudoku Puzzles?
Jennifer Carmichael
Western Oregon University OR

Probability on Death Row
Leanna Cluff
Youngstown State University OH

Modular Prime Sieve
Avery Cotton
Western Oregon University OR

A Game of Hat Guessing
Allen Cox
Kent State University OH

Statistical Analysis of the Percentage Body Fat in Men
Tara Cruickshank
Youngstown State University OH

Measuring the Diskivity of a Plane Region
Kyle Diederich
St. Norbert College WI

Applications of Bootstrapping
Tyler Drombosky
Youngstown State University OH

Modeling Simple Laminar and Turbulent Flames
Nick Gemuenden
Youngstown State University OH

Introduction to and Applications of Markov Chains
David Gohlke
Youngstown State University OH

The Mathematics of the Game of Set
Sara Jensen
Carthage College WI

Geometric Probabilities
Desir Joubert
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte NC

Number Theory and Ice Cream Cones
Lee Kennard
Kenyon College OH

An Exploration of Subspaces of Complex Matrices
Mark Krines
St. Norbert College WI

Magic Connections Between Squares and Graphs
Mark Lane
Sam Houston State University TX

Real Polynomials, Imaginary Critical Points, and Ellipses
Liza Lawson
Randolph-Macon College VA

Should the MAA Assign Seats at the Banquet?
Jonah Leshin
Northwestern University IL

How Should we Invert this Matrix?
W. Ryan Livingston
Youngstown State University OH

A Solution to PME Journal Problem 1113, Fall 2005
David Martin
Youngstown State University OH

New Results in the Proof of the Four Color Theorem
Tony McDaniel
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga TN

Rearranging Playing Cards
Kerry McIver
John Carroll University OH

A Study of the Generalized Catenary Problem
Hai X. Nguyen
University of Tennessee, Knoxville TN

A Dynamic Solution to the K-Path Problem
James A. Oravec
University of Nevada, Las Vegas NV

Steiner Problem on the Torus
Keith Penrod
Brigham Young University UT

Playing with Trominos
Jennifer Picucci
Ashland University OH

Analysis of the Stability Domains of Adams Predictor-Corrector Methods
Jonah Reeger
United States Air Force Academy CO

How Long it it?
Anne Rollick
John Carroll University OH

Applications of Finite Geometries
Lynn Schwartz
University of Akron OH

The Coadunation of Generalized Crowns
Darrel Silva
Sam Houston State University TX

Approximating Wavelets with Polynomials
Liz Smietana
John Carroll University OH

Remainders and Pascal's Triangle
Douglas R. Smith
Miami University OH

Carry Groups and Ergodic Theory
Anneliese H. Spaeth
Xavier University OH

Perfect Numbers and the Abundancy Index
William Stanton
Kenyon College OH

Sakubo: A Syzygy-MathLink Interface with a Future Version of Mathematica
Mimi Tsuruga
Hunter College NY

Constructing K_4 Free Graphs with Specified Independence Number
Corby Usry III
The University of Mississippi MS

Analysis of Semidefinite Directions Algorithms in Detecting Necessary Constraints
Jackie Van Ryzin
St. Norbert College WI

Discrete Problems
Jeffrey Ward
Clarkson University NY

The Structure of the Clifford Algebra Cl_2
Matthew Ward
Youngstown State University OH

Exploring Interleavers in Turbo Code
David Yao
University of Arkansas at Little Rock AR