Pi Mu Epsilon Student Presentation Awards
2007 MathFest - San Jose, California

The Pi Mu Epsilon Student Speaker Awards funded by the American Mathematical Society
(in alphabetical order):

Napoleon Triangles-- A Brief Presentation
Jeff Cornfield
Youngstown State University (Ohio Xi)

Effective Condition Number
Tyler Drombosky
Youngstown State University (Ohio Xi)

The tangled and knotted tale of two graphs
Rachel Grotheer
Denison University (Ohio Iota)

Cutting a Segment into Equal Areas without Cutting through the Curve OR Cutting Pie Fairly
David Horn
Elmhurst College (Illinois Iota)

Population Genetics and the ABO Blood Type
Sara Jensen
Carthage College (Wisconsin Epsilon)

Statistical Observations on America's Colleges and Universities
William Ryan Livingston
Youngstown State University (Ohio Xi)

Are the Gaussian Integers Friends?
Matt Ward
Youngstown State University (Ohio Xi)

Council on Undergraduate Research award for outstanding student research and exposition:

Stable Multiplier Sequences
William Stanton
Kenyon College (Ohio Xi)

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics award for outstanding student exposition and research in applied mathematics:

Interlocked Linkages: Finding a Key
Amanda Moore
Denison University (Ohio Iota)

What do monosaccharides, lipids, and amino acids have to do with mathematics?
Jordan Yoder
Goucher College (Maryland Theta)

MAA Special Interest Group -- Environmental Mathematics awards for outstanding exposition and research in environmental mathematics:

Competition Modelling in Biological Systems
Tyler Bryson
Linfield College (Oregon Epsilon)

MAA Special Interest Group - Mathematical Biology: The Janet L. Anderson Award for outstanding exposition and research in Mathematical or Computational Biology:

An Enzyme Kinetic Model of Tumor Dormancy
Andrew Matteson
Texas A&M University (Texas Eta)