2007 Pi Mu Epsilon National Conference at MAA MathFest

San Jose, California
Thursday afternoon August 2 through Saturday evening August 4, 2007

The FINE PRINT for Speakers and Delegates

We urge all student members of Pi Mu Epsilon who will be attending the Pi Mu Epsilon Conference in San Jose to register with Pi Mu Epsilon so that we may acknowledge their attendance in the student program for this meeting and at the Pi Mu Epsilon Banquet. All who register will receive a small token of appreciation from Pi Mu Epsilon when they turn in their Participant Evaluation Form at the conclusion of the Frame Lecture. In addition, one to five student speakers per Chapter will receive transportation reimbursement provided they fulfill the eligibility and responsibility requirements outlined below. For Chapters not sending any speakers, one delegate from the Chapter may be eligible for 50% transportation reimbursement. Other student members should register as non-reimbursed delegates.

Speaker and delegate eligibility for transportation reimbursement

All student speakers and delegates must be members of the chapter at their home institution, which is the one that must nominate them as a speaker or delegate. Student speakers and delegates cannot have completed more than 30 semester hours (or the equivalent) in a graduate program in mathematics (or a related field) prior to August 2, 2007. Speakers and delegates requesting transportation reimbursement must have been initiated into the chapter at their home institution prior to submitting their applications to speak at the conference.

Registration deadline and other details

All student speakers must submit their titles and abstracts before 5:00 p.m. EDT June 15, 2007. Early submissions are appreciated, since they help with advance planning.

Presentations with multiple speakers usually do not work well in a 15-minute format and are discouraged; reimbursement for multi-speaker talks is the same as if there were just one presenter.

There will be overhead projectors in all the rooms. Projectors that can be connected to speakers' laptops will be provided in some of the rooms -- speakers must furnish the computer and all cables necessary to connect their laptop to the VGA hookup on the projector. Speakers planning to use the computer projection system are advised to prepare slides to make their presentation using the overhead projectors in case the technology does not work.

Speaker and delegate benefits

PME makes transportation grants to student speakers and delegates to cover costs not covered by other sources. (No double dipping!) Furthermore, PME speakers may not also apply to present a paper at the MAA Student Paper Sessions.

One speaker per chapter receives full transportation reimbursement up to $600. If there are additional speakers from a chapter, the maximum transportation reimbursement for the Chapter increases by 20% for each additional speaker up to four additional speakers for a maximum of $600+4*$120=$1080 for a chapter with a total of five speakers. A chapter with no speakers may send one delegate who receives reimbursement for half the cost of transportation up to $300. Funds are not available for additional delegates.

Pi Mu Epsilon partially subsidizes the cost of the Pi Mu Epsilon Banquet for speakers and delegates resulting in a discounted charge for the banquet. Other food and lodging costs for speakers are partially subsidized by a grant from the National Security Agency [NSA]. The exact per-speaker reimbursement amount will be determined by a vote of the PME Council shortly before the conference.

Every Pi Mu Epsilon speaker receives a Pi Mu Epsilon tee shirt.

Prizes for outstanding talks:

The SIAM and SIGMAA-EM awards have not been given in some years because there were no quality presentations on the program that made students eligible for these awards. Please help us to be able to give these awards this year. This is the first summer for the BioSIGMAA award. It would be grand if a PME speaker merited this award.

Speaker and delegate responsibilities

To receive the full monetary support indicated above, student Speakers and Delegates must pre-register for the MAA meeting and attend ALL the PME activities unless excused by the PME President Joan Weiss. The PME activities begin at 5:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon with the PME/MAA Student Chapter reception and conclude with the Saturday evening Frame Lecture. In particular, student Speakers and Delegates

In addition, Pi Mu Epsilon Speakers and Delegates are strongly encouraged to:

Preliminary Schedule and Additional Information will be added when available.