Montana Alpha Chapter
The University of Montana
2002-2003 Chapter Report


Advisor and Officers

Advisor: Professor Jenny McNulty

President: Matt Graves

Vice President: Rosny Jurniati

Treasurer: Gail Yeomans

Secretary: Gail Yeomans

Number of New Members Inducted:


Number of Continuing Members:


Do any of your chapter members plan to attend or present a paper at the PME national meeting at MathFest in Boulder, Colorado?


Describe the two most interesting or unusual chapter activities this year:


Gambling Day

We sponsored a Gambling Day this fall. We had tables with Black Jack (with a professional dealer), Keno, Nim, and Craps. In addition, we had 2 lectures by statistics professors on the probability of winning in Craps and the mathematics behind various betting schemes in Black Jack. Players received $100 in math club money at the start. Prizes were awarded based on the most dollars accumulated at the end of play. Members of the math club members doubled as dealers and croupiers for the day.


Math Awareness Month Film Festival

The math club sponsored a film festival in the spring, during math awareness month. Club members selected films for viewing. The theme of Math Awareness Month was mathematics and art, hence the films were chosen to illustrate this. The schedule of events is included below.

1:10 - 1:15 Opening Remarks
1:15 - 2:05 Fantastic World of M.C. Escher
2:10 - 3:05 Music of The Spheres
3:10 - 3:30 Transition to Chaos: the Orbit Diagram and the Mandelbrot Set
3:35 - 4:05 Donald in Mathmagic Land
4:10 - 5:10 Proof: Fermat's Last Theorem
7:00 Pi
8:30 A Beautiful Mind

Do you have any news about current students or recent graduates? For example, scholarships or other awards, acceptances to graduate school, paper presentations at conferences. :