Indiana Delta
Indiana State University
2003-2004 Chapter Report


Advisor and Officers

Advisor: Professor Charles Roberts

President: Lori Moffatt

Vice President: Jaclyn Kaminski

Treasurer: Elaine Milner

Secretary: Ryan Tobin

Number of New Members Inducted:


Number of Continuing Members:


Do any of your chapter members plan to attend or present a paper at the PME national meeting at MathFest in Providence, Rhode Island?


Describe the two most interesting or unusual chapter activities this year:

On April 15, 2004 we will be having a guest speaker from the Career Center to discuss careers in math and also to talk about graduate school. This meeting is also open to faculty members who are interested in speaking to our group. Since we are just getting our chapter started again, we have been busy trying to get organized. We will hold elections for next year's officers at our next meeting.

Do you have any news about current students or recent graduates? For example, scholarships or other awards, acceptances to graduate school, paper presentations at conferences. :

Our Vice President, Jaclyn, will be moving to Kansas City to work at Lockton Companies. Our President, Lori, is still job/grad school searching. Most of our members will be starting their senior year in the fall, and we wish them the best of luck!