Oregon Epsilon
Linfield College
2006-2007 Chapter Report


Advisor and Officers

Advisor: Professor Julie Fredericks

President: Cecilia Speer

Vice-President: Meghan Flink

Vice-President: Tyler Bryson

Treasurer: Cassie Kanable

Secretary: Katie Swanson

Number of New Members Inducted:


Number of Continuing Members:


Describe the two most interesting or unusual chapter activities this year:

Our petition was approved in March and our chapter was installed in May, so that was our biggest and only activity of the 2006-2007 school year.

Do any of your chapter members plan to attend or present a paper at the PME national meeting at MathFest in San Jose, California?

Yes, Tyler Bryson attended and gave a presentation.

Do you have any news about current students or recent graduates? For example, scholarships or other awards, acceptances to graduate school, paper presentations at conferences. :

Nineteen of our newly inducted members graduated in June. Of those members, three have begun MAT programs, four have entered Masters or PhD programs in either Mathematics, Statistics, or Physics, three have begun jobs in accounting or actuarial firms, one student is teaching in a private school in Mexico city, and the others are spending time traveling and then plan to go to graduate school, medical school, or find a job.

Two of our graduating senior members were awarded the department's annual award for Outstanding Math Major.

Another member was accepted to a REU program at Willamette university. Three others received grants from Linfield to collaborate on a research project with a mathematics faculty over the summer at Linfield. One of these presented his work at MathFest.