Ohio Lambda
John Carroll University
2007-2008 Chapter Report

Advisor and Officers

Advisor: Professor Leo Schneider

President: Marie Nicole Dailey

Vice President: Rick Svob0da

Secretary: Julie Reifsnyder

Treasurer and LSO Representative: Louis Paumier

Number of New Members Inducted:


Number of Continuing Members:


Describe the two most interesting or unusual chapter activities this year:

. In August 2007, three members, Marie Dailey, Kerry McIver, and Anne Rollick, flew to San Francisco to attend MathFest in San Jose and to make presentations at the national Pi Mu Epsilon conference. The Frame Lecture by Donald Knuth was awesome! 2. In September 2007, two members, Anne Rollick and Scott Zimmerman attended the two-day Mathematics Conference at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and gave 15-minute talks at the associated regional Pi Mu Epsilon conference on Friday evening. 3. In February 2008, two members, Marie Dailey and Anne Rollick, flew to Lincoln, Nebraska to participate in the conference for undergraduate women in mathematics.

Do any of your chapter members plan to attend or present a paper at the PME national meeting at MathFest in Madison, Wisconsin?

Not sure. Summer jobs may interfere for those who have talks prepared.

Do you have any news about current students or recent graduates? For example, scholarships or other awards, acceptances to graduate school, paper presentations at conferences. :

This year 7 John Carroll University B.S. Mathematic majors received the Eugene R. Mittinger Award for Scholarship in Mathematics. This was the largest number to receive this award since 1975. The recipients were Gina Antonelli, Sarah Donnelly, Sandra Gliga, Betsy Rafferty, Anne Rollick, Peter Strada, and Scott Zimmerman. In addition, Rodney Galloway, a graduate with an A.B. Teaching Mathematics degree, received the Raymond W. Allen, S.J. Award. Naturally, all of the above are members of the Ohio Lambda Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon. In addition: Gina Antonelli (B.S. 2008) has accepted a Graduate Assistantship at John Carroll to continue her education in mathematics in the fall. Sandra Donnelly (B.S. 2008) plans to continue her mathematics education in mathematics at John Carroll University in the fall. Sandra Gliga (B.S. 2008) has accepted a Graduate Assistantship at John Carroll to continue her education in mathematics in the fall. Katherine Henley (M.S. 2008) enjoyed her work as a Graduate Assistant at John Carroll so much, that she plans to continue her education at Notre Dame to complete the Ohio requirements for licensure to teach mathematics in high school. Debra (Zwilling) McGivney (M.S. 2006), who has been teaching at Gilmour Academy these past two years, has accepted a Teaching Fellowship to pursue her Ph.D. beginning next fall at Case Western Reserve University. She has also applied for this summer’s program in mathematical biosciences at Ohio State University since she hopes it is in that direction of applied mathematics that her research will take her. Liuyi Liu (B.S. 2007) has accepted a Graduate Assistantship at John Carroll to continue her education in mathematics in the fall. Kerry McIver (B.S. 2007) is working toward her M.A. in Education at John Carroll University. Betsy Rafferty (B.S. 2007) has been accepted into the A.C.E. program at the University of Notre Dame. This is a two-year program with courses during the summer leading to a Master’s in Education combined with full time teaching mathematics as service work in a high school in Alabama. She had been accepted into the UND law school, and they will hold her acceptance open until she completes the ACE program. Anne Rollick (B.S. 2008) was invited to be on a panel to give information about R.E.Us to undergraduates attending the Undergraduate Mathematics Conference at the University of Dayton in November 2007. Anne has been accepted into the Jesuit Volunteer Core to do a year of service on Indian reservations in the Dakotas. Dr. Thomas Short (B.S. 1986) who, after teaching at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Villanova University, will return to John Carroll University as a Professor in the fall. During his interview, he stated that attending and presenting at student mathematics conferences were the highlights of his undergraduate days. Brittany Simon (B.S. 12/2008) will be applying this fall to continue her education in the medical field. Liz Smietana (B.S. 2007) is doing a year of environmental service in Massachusetts. She hopes to return to Ohio next fall to teach in high school. Peter Strada (B.S. 2008) has been successful in his studies of the Actuarial Examinations, and has accepted an actuarial job in Hartford, Connecticut upon graduation. Scott Zimmerman (B.S. 2008) has accepted a Teaching Assistantship at John Carroll to continue his education in mathematics in the fall.