PME Student Talks

PME #1 Picuris Room Thursday August 4
1:00–1:15 Mark Lane Sam Houston State University An Introduction to Franklin Squares
1:20–1:35 Dakota Blair TexasA&MUniversityImpossible Paths in Langton’s Ant
1:40–1:55 Colleen Hughes Denison University New Approach to Multiple Bubble Problems
2:00–2:15 Jason Brinker St. Norbert College Let Me Do a Little Number
2:20–2:35 Jackie Van Ryzin St. Norbert College The n Festivals of Whatever
PME #2 Santa Ana Room Thursday August 4
1:00–1:15 Tom Cochran YoungstownStateUniversityMath with Muscle
1:20–1:35 David Gohlke YoungstownStateUniversityBacterial Growth in the Presence of Toxins
1:40–1:55 David Martin YoungstownStateUniversityA Demonstration of Euler’s Formula
2:00–2:15 Jennifer Swank Denison University The Bus Driver’s Sanity Problem
2:20–2:35 Aubrey Komorowski Duquesne University Independence Models, Likelihood Ratio Tests
PME #3 Picuris Room Thursday August 4
3:00–3:15 Tina Smith Mote McNeese State University Groups with Perfect Order Subsets (POS)
3:20–3:35 Chantel C. Blackburn AndrewsUniversityHausdorff Metric Geometry Configurations
3:40–3:55 Jennifer L. Carmichael WesternOregonUniversityCan You or Can’t You Count Cantor?
4:00–4:15 Jeff Goldsmith Dickinson College Convergence of the Riemann Integral
4:20–4:35 Julian Apelete Allagan TroyUniversityThe Chromatic Polynomial of a Cycle
PME #4 Santa Ana Room Thursday August 4
3:00–3:15 Carrie Swauger Duquesne University Mathematical Models for Image Inpainting
3:20–3:35 Amanda Hoffman Sam Houston State University It’s More Than Nothing
3:40–3:55 Patrick Dixon Occidental College Modeling of STDs Using Graph Theory
4:00–4:15 Angela Hicks Furman University Lie Symmetry Groups to Minimal Surfaces
4:20–4:35 Andrew Matteson TexasA&MUniversityModular Generalization of Schur’s Problem
PME #5 Picuris Room Friday August 5
1:00–1:15 Stephanie Deacon Univ.ofTexas,SanAntonioA Group-Oriented, Threshold Cryptosystem
1:20–1:35 Maria Salcedo YoungstownStateUniversityAn Introduction to Knot Theory
1:40–1:55 Ted Stadnik YoungstownStateUniversityAn Analytical Anomaly
2:00–2:15 Alaina Houmard Mount Union College Selecting Small Groups in College Courses
PME #6 Santa Ana Room Friday August 5
1:00–1:15 Phuong Minh Nguyen Occidental College “The Kingdom Lost For A Smile”
1:20–1:35 Elizabeth A. Tiedeman Duquesne University Price Prediction Model for Building Blocks
1:40–1:55 Angela Brown Sam Houston State University Which Mathematical Knots Are Celtic?
2:00–2:15 Christopher Cicotta Clarkson University Outerplanar and Outerflat Graphs