Pi Mu Epsilon Journal


Volume 10

Fall 1996

Number 5


Editorial   p. 352
Red Light, Green light: A Model of Traffic Signal Systems Ryan Bennink p. 353
Rachele Dembowski's Partition Problem Cecil Rousseau p. 364
Another Matching Problem with a Matching Probability Phillip J. Byrne p. 371
A Generalization of a Dimension Formula and an "Unnnatual" Isomorphism Danial L. Viar p. 376
Self-Similarity and Fractal Dimension of Certain Generalized Arithmetic Triangles Mark Tomforde p. 379
Approximating e^n/2 with nearly n + 1/3 Terms J.S. Frame, C.L. Frenzen p. 390
A Particualar Polarity John Frohliger, Richard Tuggle, Jennifer Van Sistine p. 394
The Power Means Theorem via the Weighted AM-GM Inequity N. Schaumberger, M. Steiner p. 405
Miscelanny   p. 408
Mathacrostics Jeanette Bickley, Gerald M. Leibowitz p. 411
Problem Department Clayton Dodge, editor p. 415