This is a summary for all Pi Mu Epsilon Chapters of the meeting of the National Council of Pi Mu Epsilon, Inc., August 4th, 2011 in Lexington, Kentucky.

The standard subsistence equaled $261. Students who registered in the PME student speaker category received this amount, whereas students who registered simply as undergraduate students received $236.

and the complete list of speakers and their titles can be found at

The sixth annual Pi Mu Epsilon Faculty Breakfast for 30 advisors who attended MathFest 2011 along with the PME Council and friends of PME was again a great success, and Pi Mu Epsilon will continue to host these breakfasts at MathFests. Pi Mu Epsilon advisors who missed this breakfast will have an opportunity to meet national Pi Mu Epsilon Councilors at the Pi Mu Epsilon table in the Exhibit Hall at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in New Orleans this coming January.

The national Councilors met Thursday morning August 5.  Council members present were Eve Torrence (President), Paul Fishback (Secretary-Treasurer), John Frohliger (Councilor), Jacqueline Jensen (Councilor), Brigitte Servatius (Journal Editor), Angela Spalsbury (President-Elect), Colin Starr (Councilor), and David Sutherland (Past-President). Also present for all or part of the meeting were Susan Schneider; Harold Reiter (Journal Problem Section Editor); former PME Presidents, Doug Faires, Eileen L. Poiani, Rick Poss, Robert Smith, and Joan Weiss; and Ronda McKee, President-elect of  Kappa Mu Epsilon.



Pi Mu Epsilon Budget for July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012