J. Sutherland Frame Lectures

2012 Melanie Wood The Chemistry of Primes
2011 Margaret Wright You Can't Top This: Making Things Better with Mathematics
2010 Nathaniel Dean Incomprehensibility
2009 Persi Diaconis The Mathematics of Perfect Shuffles
2008 John Conway The Symmetries of Things
2007 Donald E. Knuth NegaFibonacci Numbers and the Hyperbolic Plane
2006 Donald G. Saari Ellipses and Circles? To Understand Voting Problems??!
2005 Arthur Benjamin Proofs That Really Count: The Art of Combinatorial Proof
2004 Joan P. Hutchinson When Five Colors Suffice
2003 Robert L. Devaney Chaos Games and Fractal Images
2002 Frank Morgan Soap Bubbles: Open Problems
2001 Thomas Banchoff Twice as Old, Again, and Other Found Problems
2000 John Ewing The Mathematics of Computers
1999 V. Frederick Rickey The Creation of the Calculus: Who, What, When, Where, Why
1998 Joseph A. Gallian Breaking Driver's License Plate Codes
1997 Philip D. Straffin Jr. Excursions in the Geometry of Voting
1996 J. Kevin Colligan  Webs, Sieves and Money
1995 Marjorie Senechal Tilings as Differential Gratings
1994 Colin Adams Cheating your way to the Knot Merit Badge
1993 George Andrews Ramanujan for Students
1992 Underwood Dudley Angle Trisectors
1991 Henry Pollack Some Mathematics of Baseball
1990 Ronald L. Graham Combinatorics and Computers
1989 Jane Cronin Scanlon Entrainment of Frequency
1988 Doris Schattschneider  You, Too, Can Tile the Conway Way
1987 Clayton W. Dodge Reflections of a Problems Editor
1986 Paul Halmos Problems I Cannot Solve
1985 Ernst Snapper The Philosophy of Mathematics
1984 John L. Kelley The Concept of Plane Area
1983 Henry Alder How to Discover and Prove Theorems
1982 Israel Halperin The Changing Face of Mathematics
1981 E. P. Miles Jr. The Beauties of Mathematics
1980 Richard P. Askey Ramanujan and Some Extensions of the Gamma and Beta Functions
1979 H. Jerome Kiesler  Infinitesimals: Where They Come From and What They Can Do
1978 Herbert E. Robbins The Statistics of Incidents and Accidents
1977 Ivan Niven Techniques of Solving Extremal Problems
1976 H. S. MacDonald Coxeter The Pappus Configuration and Its Groups
1975 J. Sutherland Frame Matrix Functions: A Powerful Tool