Dr. Richard V. Andree
The C. C. MacDuffee Award for Distinguished Service

"Dr. Richard V. Andree has served our organization in a multitude of capacities, faithfully bringing forth workable new ideas and the energy to persue them to fruition, this for many years. He has done so with genuine interest and unselfish motives. He has been active in promoting mathematics wherever the opportunity exists and his efforts in advancing Mu Alpha Theta, the international honor society for high school and Junior College mathematics students has fed many top students inot Pi Mu Epsilon. It was though his foresight and wisdom that Pi Mu Epsilon gave support to Mu Alpha Theta during the trying time of MAT's organizational days.

"It is not necessary to present the achievements and success this able servant has enjoyed in his promotion of mathematics. His abundantly impressive and valuable pioneering ventures in all directions and at all levels are well known. He seems to thrive on projects which promote scholarly study and investigations, and this, particularly among the young scholars supports and reinforces the primary objectives of our organization. His guiding philosophy never seems to be "We must move forward," but rather, "We must move. Our movement will be forward only."

"On behalf of Pi Mu Epsilon, the Councilors General concurring unanimously, it is a stimulating experience to present this, the second such high recognition to be announced, the C. C. MacDuffee Award for Distinguished Service, to one who earned it through devotion and love, not through labor; not by the dangerous and damaging drudgery of a duty buty through the pleasure of Service to Mathematics and to his fellow man.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the second individual to receive our highest tribute, Dr. Richard V. Andree."

- J. C. Eaves (at Rutgers, August 30, 1966)