Dr. J. Sutherland Frame
The C. C. MacDuffee Award for Distinguished Service

"Members of Pi Mu Epsilon, distiguished guests: In making this presentation I call your attention to the following observations.

Last year, the Councilors General, cognizant of the fact that the awarding of The C. C. MacDuffee plaque for Distinguished Service is Pi Mu Epsilon's highest tribute and most prestidigious recognition, voted taht, during the past decade, the most enduring and valuable proponent of its cause -- the promotion of mathematics -- is its retireing president. This group unanimously concurred in the opinion that some significant acknowledgement of gratitude was here due and that only the C. C. MacDuffe plaque befits this occasion.

"Our honoree is recognized as an outstanding scholar who exemplifies triumphantly the true ideals of this learned society. He is appreciative and productive of effective promotional action in the area of mathematics. His dedication over the past years supports our contention that he possesses the intellectual strength and organizational qualities embodying competent leadership. He is a motivating teacher and an inspirig speaker who maintains a learning environment for himself and his associates. These characteristics coupled with the curiousity of a researcher, the critical mind of a mathematician, and an unlimited concern for all aspects of service to Pi Mu Epsilon make him worthy of this award.

"Here is a man whose servic spans nine years as our President and numerous years prior to this time expounding the cause in other capacities. He has installed almost 50% of our chapters, 51 of the 120, these including ten alpha chapters. This growth is more significant when measured in terms of the 30,000 increase in membership witnessed during the period 1951-1966. These last years have brought an inauguration of the matching funds for recognition awards in local chapters, and book awards for the presentation of superior papers. Finally, Pi Mu Epsilon became a fully grown mathematics organization when Dr. Frame initiated the first papers session at the Michigan State meeting.

"This man has brought encouragement to hundreds of prospective mathematics students many of whom continued their interests to become productive scholars. All of this has not been without its hardships. Traveling the equivalent of nearly four times around the earth to see that "Chapters got their Charters" must have accounted for the consumption of gallons of stale coffee, bouillon, undercooked eggs, overcooked toast, airport delays, and lost baggage. Surviving this, smiling, is one blessed with tolerance and a measure of devoting to service which would compliment any of us. Pi Mu Epsilon shall always be indebted to him.

"I am very pleased that it falls my honor to present this, the First C. C. MacDuffee Award for Distinguished Service to one to whom I can say, "Dr. Frame, only our highest award expresses our sincere appreciation for your past devotion, your prudent judgement, and your continued wise counsel and loyalty. Only our hightest award expresses the esteem with which you are regarded by our members. May this plaque find a prominent spot in your home or office. Take unrestrained pride without embarassment in the message it bears, for those who see it will know that herein dwells one who has pursued his calling not only in a superbly successful manner but with unrelenting vigor and unselfish devotion.

"Ladies and Gentlemen: The first recipient of our highest award, Dr. J. Sutherland Frame."

- J. C. Eaves (at Rutgers, August 30, 1966)